NICE FIT Research Fellowship Available-- Looking for Applicants NOW!

We are looking for a motivated applicant (no research experience required)  to apply for a 1 year, full time, full salary research fellowship that has been shortlisted by RM Partners for the NICE FIT study (link attached below).


Outcomes from the fellowship:

  • Potential for fully paid MSc through Imperial College
  • Royal Marsden Fellowship Post
  • Qualitative research into patient experience
  • Trial experience with NICE FIT, one of the biggest colorectal studies in the UK.
  • First authorship on patient experience publications
  • Authorship on the main NICE FIT publication
  • 10+ presentations
  • First/second authorship on NICE FIT substudies (at least 5+ to do) inc
    • Polygenic risk score for CRC using FIT/blood sampling through Institute of Cancer Research
    • FIT substudies (multiple samples from same/different stools)

This job is open to anyone with an interest in clinical research: not only doctors!

Please contact nigel.d' for further information.