Mr Muti Abulafi

Chief Investigator

Muti Abulafi is a consultant colorectal surgeon since 1996. He leads the colorectal cancer multi-disciplinary team at Croydon University Hospital (CUH) and chaired the Colorectal Cancer Pathway Group of the London Cancer Alliance (LCA), a partnership of 17 hospitals in South and West London. 

Mr Abulafi has a research interest in and has published on colorectal cancer and cancer genetics. As a co-founder of the Colorectal Research Fellowship Programme, he has supervised over 20 trainees to achieve MD and PhDs. He is a founder and co-convener of the annual M25 Colorectal Course funded by the Pelican Cancer Foundation, which teaches young trainee surgeons on all aspects of colorectal surgery. 

Mr nigel D'Souza


Nigel D'Souza is a specialist registar in general surgery, and a colorectal research fellow at Croydon University Hospital.

Under the supervision of Mr Abulafi, Nigel conducted the initial FIT pilot study. He subsequently designed the current NICE FIT study, and led the successful application for transformation funding from NHS England.

When not working on the NICE FIT study, Nigel is carrying out a research MD at the Royal Marsden under Professor Gina Brown. 

Dr sally benton

FIT expert

Sally Benton is Consultant Biochemist and Director of the Bowel Cancer Screening Hub in Guildford. Sally has supported the study since the pilot, and has brought her global expertise in FIT. She also chairs the International Working Group on FIT for the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.


Dr michelle Chen

Senior R+D Manager

Michelle Chen is the senior R+D manager at Royal Marsden Partners. Michelle came on board the study team after the successful application for funding, and has supported the design and delivery of the research project.


The NICE FIT study team were recruited and assembled specifically to perform this study, and recruit 5500 patients over a 1 year period. 

Trial Manager - Carlene Parchment

Trial Coordinators- Anthonette Dzakpasu-Amevor, Christine Nangendo

Trial Administrator - Olayinka Odunaiya