Our study would not be possible without the collaboration and support of our partners.

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Alpha Laboratories

Matthew Davis and the team at Alpha have supported us since our pilot study and have generously agreed to provide us with kits to test all patients enrolled in the study. No funding has been received from Alpha to the NICE FIT study or its team.

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Hammersmith Medical Research

Independent statistics team that are conducting monthly analysis of our results.

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Bowel Cancer Screening Hub - South of England

Carolyn Piggott and her team have given us the their expertise and experience in both the logistics and analysis of FIT specimens.


Croydon UNiversity hospital - Research and development

The R+D department at Croydon have been involved from the very beginning of the pilot, and continue to support it's growth and expansion.



national institute for health research -

clinical research network

NICE FIT joined the NIHR CRN portfolio, signifying its recognition as a high quality research study. The CRN makes it possible for patients and health professionals across England to participate in clinical research studies within the NHS, by meeting the costs of participation for each NHS site.

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RM Partners 

This project has been launched through the RM Partners, a collaboration delivering cancer services to 3.5 million people in London. Through the Vanguard, we have access to experts in R+D, Finance, Communications and Governance, which allowed us to successfully bid for funding and deliver this project.