NICE FIT Research Fellowship Available-- Looking for Applicants NOW!

We are looking for a motivated applicant (no research experience required)  to apply for a 1 year, full time, full salary research fellowship that has been shortlisted by RM Partners for the NICE FIT study (link attached below).


Outcomes from the fellowship:

  • Potential for fully paid MSc through Imperial College
  • Royal Marsden Fellowship Post
  • Qualitative research into patient experience
  • Trial experience with NICE FIT, one of the biggest colorectal studies in the UK.
  • First authorship on patient experience publications
  • Authorship on the main NICE FIT publication
  • 10+ presentations
  • First/second authorship on NICE FIT substudies (at least 5+ to do) inc
    • Polygenic risk score for CRC using FIT/blood sampling through Institute of Cancer Research
    • FIT substudies (multiple samples from same/different stools)

This job is open to anyone with an interest in clinical research: not only doctors!

Please contact nigel.d' for further information.


Last week we announced that we had recruited over 2000 patients in our study. This week, our recruitment has accelerated with 2300 patients taking part. Thank you to all of our partner sites for their hard work. With over 20 sites in the process of opening in addition to our current sites, we will have a strong evidence base for FIT to benefit our patients!


Nigel D'Souza, co-investigator for the NICE FIT Study has won the travelling fellowship from The Royal Society of Medicine Coloproctology Section, for his abstract on the pilot data from the NICE FIT Study. He will travel to Lisbon in May to present the groundbreaking research from Croydon, which is the first study in an ethnically diverse population in England. This work would not have been possible without collaboration between the Guildford Bowel Cancer Screening Hub, Alpha Laboratories, and the R+D and Endoscopy staff at Croydon University Hospital.

1000 London patients recruited!

We are pleased to announce that we have recruited over 1000 patients from our London sites. As recruitment continues to gather pace, and hospitals within London continue to join us, we expect our recruitment rate to continue accelerating towards our target of 5500 patients within London. Many thanks to all our colleagues and partners at our London sites for their hard work.

Further Sites across London and UK Opened Today

We are delighted that Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust, and University Southampton NHS Trust have joined our study!

Nearly every eligible hospital in London is now offering their patients the opportunity to participate in our study. Southampton is our second national site to open-- the Wessex CRN have been setting the pace nationally.

Our study is still open for other sites to join-- please contact nigel.d' for more information.